1. Do I need to start the contract on the 1st day of each month?
No. You can start the serviced apartment contract any day you prefer.

2. Is short term leasing possible? 
Short-term leasing is accepted.  The minimum leasing period is one month.

3. Do I need to pay advance booking fee?
Yes. After the leasing contract are signed, you will need to pay the first month advance payment for guarantee.

4. What kind of other residents are usually staying in SkyGarden365 serviced apartment?
Residents come from worldwide.  They are mainly business travelers, exchange students, internship students and local residents. 

5. Is cooking allowed in the rooms? 
Most of the rooms have Kitchen with Induction Cooker Hob and Range Hood. Simple cooking is definitely not an issue. 

6. Is smoking allowed in the rooms?
In order not to affect others, smoking is not allowed in ALL indoor area.  

7. Can the Leasing Contract be extended? 
The Leasing Contract can be extended. Please inform us two-week advance notice so as to enable us to make necessary arrangements. 

8. What happens if there are problems with the room's amenities during my stay? 
We have dedicated technician. Please inform us should there be any problems, we will follow up immediately.

9. When do I get back my deposit after the end of my Leasing Contract? 
Assuming that there are no damages and defects identified during the check-out inspection. We will refund the deposit to you on the same day when you check out. If any damaged after the inspection, we will deduct the cost from the deposit.